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The Tall Man Movie Review – Horror … Or Philosophy?

The Tall Man Movie Review – Horror … Or Philosophy?

‘The Tall Man’ (2012) was directed by Pascal Laugier, and performed only moderately well with audiences and critics upon its release. In this The Tall Man movie review, I discuss the genre conventions used by the director, as well as ways he short-circuits trusted tropes to ask some deeper existential questions.

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‘Serenity’ Movie Review – Did The Critics Get It Wrong?

Here’s a ‘Serenity’ movie review with some alternative ruminations about this 2019 film.

‘Serenity’ (written and directed by Steven Knight in 2019) was almost universally panned by critics. In this ‘Serenity’ movie review, I examine that assessment and other aspects of the film, asking… did the critics get it wrong?

Please read on or play the full video above to hear my analysis of the movie. I explain why I believe ‘Serenity’ is a brave piece of genre film-making. Might it – in the years ahead – come to be seen as a deeply meaningful and meditative entry in the modern film-noir pantheon?

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‘Dark Encounter’ Movie Review – Sci-Fi shines a dazzling light

Carl Strathie’s 2019 science-fiction drama takes a deeply troubled family and transforms their home into a terrifying, mind-melding nightmare. In this ‘Dark Encounter’ movie review for ‘The Movie Affect’ podcast I discuss how, in borrowing from established horror and science-fiction tropes, this film’s tremendous ambition presents a profound rumination about about the human condition. But does ‘Dark Encounter’ succeed?

I discuss this – and much more – in the latest episode of ‘The Movie Affect’. I also suggest a possible reason why ‘Dark Encounter’ didn’t receive a far warmer reception from film critics around the world.

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‘Gone Baby Gone’ Movie Review

In a world that's losing its head ... meet a man that can't.

‘Gone Baby Gone’ is a film… about an incorruptible man. The film starts innocuously enough, with the depressing scenes of a community stricken with a child abduction. Sadly, this is an image that has become all-too common in our times. Art imitates life, they say. Lionel (the missing child’s uncle) approaches a local pair of Private Investigators to supplement the police hunt for his niece (Amy).

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‘Nightcrawler’ Movie Review

A study in disquieting “stillness” by Jake Gylenhaal.

The central character in Nightcrawler (2014) is a man so odd, so off-beat, so entirely cold in his demeanour that I came away from the film unsure about what I had just seen. Is Louis Bloom a sadistic sociopath? A pathological misanthrope? Or just a chronic social outcast – a tragic misfit, comfortable with his own pariah status from society? Perhaps he is all of the above – you decide.

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‘Million Dollar Baby’ Movie Review

Hilary Swank, Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood excel in this towering sports drama.

Clint Eastwood stars and directs this motion picture which is – above all else – a heartbreaking story about human endeavor. Once in awhile, a movie is made which dispenses with all contemporary fads, avoids trying to include all the latest stylistic references and effets-du-jour, and just plain tells a great story. “Million Dollar Baby” is just such a film, and will be recognized as such at this year’s Oscars.

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‘Homefront’ Movie Review – A Solid Stallone Screenplay

Franco as "Gator Bodine": you wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley.
James Falco shows us a disturbing – and disturbed – thug in Homefront (2013)

Jason Statham has carved out a nice niche for himself as the hard-as-nails action hero of our day. In this Homefront (2013) movie review, I discuss the merits of this collaboration with Sylvester Stallone. Since Statham’s early roles in Guy Ritchie’s Brit-Gangster hits ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels‘ and ‘Snatch‘, a steady stream of solid work has been coming his way. I suspect that viewers will find his films either engrossing … or deeply annoying.

I’m squarely in the first cohort. In “Homefront”, Statham pulls off something a bit rare: he portrays a strong-man in a story with some real social relevance. It would be easy to dismiss “Homefront” as a formulaic, mindless actioner. But honestly, it’s more than simply that.

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