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Constantine Movie Review

Constantine Movie Review

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In this episode of More Than A Movie, we start by interviewing our guest, film and commercial director Shirley Spiteri Mintoff. We next review ‘Clash Of The Titans‘, Ray Harryhausen’s classic mythological fantasy from 1981, that was shot here in Malta. [jump to 11:50 above]. We then review our three main Fantasy Movies ‘Twixt The Dark And The Light, for this week’s episode:

It’s A Wonderful Life (1946) – [jump to 15:05 above]

The Neverending Story (1984) – [jump to 19:16 above]

Constantine (2005) – [jump to 23:07 above]

More Than A Movie is written and presented by Andrew Bonello. It was originally recorded and aired on Campus FM Radio, at the University of Malta.

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