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Insomnia Movie Review

Insomnia Movie Review

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In this episode of More Than A Movie, we start by interviewing our guests, improvised and feature filmmakers Ivan Malekin and Sarah-Jayne Portelli, of Nexus Production Group. We next review ‘Murder On The Orient Express‘, a mystery remake exploring identity, that was partially shot in Malta, in 2017 [jump to 10:14 above]. We then review our three main Psychological Thrillers Exploring Identity, for this week’s episode:

Identity (2003) – [jump to 13:16 above]

Insomnia (2002) – [jump to 16:40 above]

Cure (1997) – [jump to 23:05 above]

More Than A Movie is written and presented by Andrew Bonello. It was originally recorded and aired on Campus FM Radio, at the University of Malta.

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