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Find Movies Like The Films You Love. Tag By Genre, Theme, Location…


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Click Button for movie Power Search window! (keyboard needed). This starts a highly-tunable search interface for geeks and nerds only! Navigate with cursor keys. Use <Tab> key to toggle between (i) tag/keywords table, (ii) matching-films-list and (iii) movie-details panes. Toggle genres/keywords on/off with <Enter> key:

Find Similar Movies

Perhaps you're a studio-executive, film director or producer, and you regularly need to delve into related work to help with screenplay green-lighting decisions and production planning? FilmTagger is for you.

Maybe you're a devoted film-buff, and you just want to watch the best movies out there. Or you're a film-student trying to prioritise the most important films to watch for your chosen thesis in film-studies.

Once you have some films in your search results, press <Enter> on any target film to find most-similar movies to that film, ranked in order of relevance. Thereafter, you can proceed to filter on genre, tone, mood etc - just like for a regular search.

  • Filter film results by title or year
  • Jump to keywords fast by typing
  • Strict filter only shows 100% matches

Advanced Film Search was created because we believe there's a better way to discover movies.

Are you a screenwriter, researching your next script by learning about prior cinematic works related to your story and theme?

Search and filter on any combination of categories:
  • Film Genre & Sub-Genre
  • Cinematic Theme
  • Tonality & Mood
  • Narrative Structure
  • Jobs & Personalities of Characters
  • Protagonist vs Antogonist
  • Voiceover / Unreliable Narrator
  • Locations & Time Periods
  • Story Beats
  • (… and more)

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