FilmTagger's advanced search engine lets you tweak your search to find movies filtered to any genre, theme, mood, tone, location, time-period, protagonist, character, jobs and story-beat.

How often have you found yourself watching a movie--getting into it--then thinking, "Hey, wait a minute! This movie reminds me of (some-other-movie)!" or... "Hrm, the mood and tone of this film really reminds me of (another-movie)." Other common thoughts might be "Ah, this character has the same motivation as character (name) in title (other-obscure-genre-film)," or "Wow, this setting, music and visual style really feels like that film (your-favourite-childhood-flick)."

This is what FilmTagger is all about. For any given film, there's a collection of related movies that share much in common. That might be in terms of story-beats, character traits, jobs or occupations. Or it might be about the time-period, or geographic location of the film. Perhaps the whole story takes place inside a moving vehicle, and you want to find other movies that pull the same trick? Or maybe you're interested in films that take place entirely within a single static location or place.

This was the genesis of FilmTagger. Once you've launched the search engine, you can perform an infinite variety of searches and tweaks, depending on exactly what you're looking for, and which aspects of the movie artform you wish to focus on.

And yes - we get it. These lists won't be the same for everyone. My idea of the list of films most similar to Back To The Future (1985) might be radically different from yours. My definition of a film character who's role and behaviour is that of a Private Detective or Crime Investigator might differ subtly from your own. And so on, and so forth. FilmTagger is designed to get you what you need, regardless of your own tastes and preferences. Find the movies that you will love, starting today.

Here, we offer some pre-baked lists of movies most similar to popular target films. On these pages, you can click to expand plot details and view the movie poster. Also, click the YouTube or IMDB buttons for each film to launch a new tab in your web-browser giving you quick access to the movie's trailer or full details about cast & crew, location details, reviews etc.

These lists have been pulled directly from our live search engine, but you may want to tweak the search parameters to narrow-in on particular genres or themes that suit your exact needs. To do so, please launch FilmTagger's live film search engine and take a look around!

Want to see most-similar-movies to a particular film that you can't seem to find on FilmTagger? Please send an email to tell us about it!

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